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The following videos are interviews with both Dev Randhawa and Ross McElroy of Fission Uranium. In them, Dev discusses multiple updates and developments regarding Fission Uranium. This includes:

  • Patterson Lake South (PLS)
  • Yearly plans and updates on progress
  • Messages to shareholders
  • Updates on Fission 3.0


Ross McElroy, Fission President and Chief Geologist, recently interviewed Maurice Jackson of Proven and Probable.They discussed Fission Uranium’s work from an investment standpoint. Continue Reading…

Ross McElroy, chief geologist for Fission 3.0, shares his thoughts on the company’s exploration plans for 2014.

Dev Randhawa discusses the last twelve months of progress at PLS and looks towards 2014 plans.

Dev Randhawa

Dev Randhawa discussing the future of nuclear energy

Second Dev Randhawa Interview
Dev Randhawa with comments on investing in the uranium sector in current market conditions.

Dev Randhawa