Dev Randhawa Executive Profile

Dev Randhawa: A Quick Overview

Dev Randhawa is an expert in the natural resources and energy markets. He has enjoyed a long and successful track record as a Chairman and CEO. In this capacity he has founded and grown several highly successful junior resource exploration companies and has won several industry awards, including: The Northern Miner’s “Mining Person of the Year”, EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year (finalist), Finance Monthly’s “Deal Maker of the Year” and The Mining Journal’s “Excellence” award..

When asked in an interview with Stockhouse, about the secret to his success as a CEO in the resource sector, Dev Randhawa had this to say:

You need to have an eye for a good deal, that much is obvious. Pick up assets that are undervalued or that have been poorly managed and develop them properly. However, beyond any doubt the most important thing you have to do is build the right team. Your head geologist, technical team, IR execs, your EA – a company grows through the work of a team. You don’t get that right, you’re not going far.”

Dev Randhawa before the Chief Executive roles

Prior to becoming a C-level executive of mining exploration companies, Dev Randhawa had a successful career as an investment banker.

To find out more about Dev, please visit the website’s ‘About Dev‘ page.

Some of the companies that Dev Randhawa is currently involved with include RD Capital, Fission Uranium Corp and Fission 3.0 Corp. He is also the CEO of  Ironside Resources. More information on Dev Randhawa and these companies can be found elsewhere on this site and on his CEO Corner blog on the Fission site.

On this website

On this website, users can find interviews with Dev about Fission Uranium’s work among other subjects as well as his thoughts on the industry. For this, visit the site’s blog. Users can also find information about the aforementioned other ventures Dev is involved with in addition to an overview of Fission Uranium.


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