Fission Uranium Corp Overview

Dev Randhawa and Fission Uranium

Fission Uranium Corp owns the award-winning Patterson Lake South (PLS) project, which hosts the Triple R deposit – the largest undeveloped, PEA-backed, uranium deposit in Canada’s Athabasca Basin. Dev Randhawa occupies the dual role of CEO and Chairman. He heads up the same management team that built Fission Energy Corp.and is an expert on the case for nuclear energy.

Fission Uranium Corp. was incorporated in February 2013 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fission Energy – another successful uranium exploration company that was named a Top-50 TSX-V company for stock performance. On April 26, 2013, Fission Uranium Corp completed a plan of arrangement under the Canada Business Corporations Act involving Denison Mines  and Fission Energy. Further to this agreement, Denison acquired all of the issued and outstanding securities of Fission Energy.

As a result of the deal, certain properties and assets of Fission Energy, including the Patterson Lake South, Patterson Lake and Clearwater West properties in Saskatchewan, became properties and assets of Fission Uranium. When Fission took over Alpha Minerals in 2013 – its JV partner on the PLS project – it spun out all of its properties apart from PLS into a NewCo called Fission 3.0 Corp.

Fission Uranium Corp. and the Athabasca Basin

“We have always focused our uranium interests on the Athabasca for the simple reason it has the highest uranium grades in the world – approximately ten times the world average. It also has great transport infrastructure, high-tech and high capacity mills as well as strong local, regional and national political support. In addition, it has access to a large number of highly trained, highly experienced miners – some of whom are third generation experts in their field.” Dev Randhawa, CEO of Fission Uranium Corp.

Fission Uranium Corp team with CEO Dev Randhawa

Dev Randhawa at the Athabasca basin

For further info on Dev Randhawa you can check out the rest of this website as well as his profile on the Fission Uranium site.